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Presentation of the line


The makeup line Qstudio Make-up RP, is a professional make-up line make-up line, designed for both the make-up personnel for the varied needs of Make-up Artist.

[jeg_service_icon_wrapper itemwidth=”1″][jeg_service_icon_item icon=”fa-music” desc=”Specials are the foundation of our latest generation, designed for all skin types, are created with exceptional texture, soft and silky, of great importance is the fluid foundation: the excellence of the latest research, since it is a skin care, anti-aging and Long-lasting: a real treat for the skin of the face, designed to be used on all skin types, it smoothes wrinkles, lifts the skin minimizing and smoothing imperfections and protecting it from severe weather conditions, and has a duration of 7 – 8 hours.

The correctors in a wide range, ideal for concealing any skin defect.

The Blush in 8 different colors, give shine and radiance to the skin.

The powders, which do not create problems of stratification, in particular the HD powder ideal for filming and photography but also to touch up, giving brightness to the skin.” title=”Face” el_class=”iconaviso”][jeg_service_icon_item icon=”fa-glass” title=”Eyes” desc=”Pencils for the eyes, long 18 cm in 7 beautiful colors, are characterized by a more precise and long lasting.

The eye shadows to be applied wet or dry, are transformed into colorful eyeliner.

The Graphic extra black eye liner and mascara with special brushes, for an effect extravolume and extra length extremes.” el_class=”occhi”][jeg_service_icon_item icon=”fa-star” title=”Lips” desc=”A wide range of Lipstick, Lipgloss, and lip pencils are always fashionable for a sensual look and brilliant.
The special lip balm, lip balm moisturizing is emollient, with shea butter.” el_class=”bocca”][jeg_service_icon_item icon=”fa-user” title=”Brushes” desc=”The series of 14 professional brushes, exclusively made in Italy, made through a wise and balanced mix of manufacturing steps manuals and highly technological solutions to ‘avant-garde, for an application of makeup in an optimal manner, make the line Qstudio Make-up RP a complete line, able to satisfy every personal and professional, as a healthy and relaxed helps to live better with ourselves and with others.” el_class=”pennelli”][jeg_service_icon_item icon=”fa-film” title=”And…” desc=”The illuminant to give shine and radiance to the face, it creates a special primer excellent base for those who have large pores, it is great for people with oily skin, opaque, reduces pores and increases the tightness of the make up, the fixer spray to set makeup in an optimal manner, throughout the day, rejuvenating tonic, milk moisturizing cleanser, tweezers for hair removal that perform epilation experience for even the finest hairs, scissors to check the eyebrows, the special sharpener for pencils of mine make-up.” el_class=”inoltre”][/jeg_service_icon_wrapper]