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Giada Venturotti
Giada Venturotti Make Up Artist
Born in La Spezia, she lives and works in Milan. She attended the one-year course at the MBA Academy in Milan where she got a 360 degrees training on all the aspects of make-up, from the artistic to the phographic one. Soon after her studies she began to gain experiences working with various photographers. In these years she has had the opportunity to work as a make-up artist in different areas: from TV, where she took part in programs such as “The voice of Italy” and “Crozza nel Paese delle Meraviglie”, to fashion shows during the Fashion Week, to photo shoots and editorials for various magazines.
Nicole Galante
Nicole Galante Make Up Artist
Was born in Genoa and attended art school. Her passion for movies made her travel around Italy and the United States learning and practicing the techniques that later on she would use in self-produced sets. There she developed her passion for make-up, and made it her profession: from photo shoots to commercials, from video clips to fashion shows, from brides' to theatre make-up and, mostly, to teaching. In partnership with her trusted photographer she devoted herself to the creation and development of photographic concepts, exhibiting her works in Los Angeles, with Aliens Agency in 2015, and in Montpellier in 2016.
Simona Rossello
Simona Rossello Make Up Artist
Before entering into fashion market as a Make up artist, Simona Rossello was noticed for her artistic talents, becoming a Maison Givenchy
Beauty Expert. She began an endless climbing that leads her to the collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent, holding the job of Head Make
up and make-up artist, with Christian Dior as Senior Make up artist and, in end with Burberry Beauty, covering the role of Make up artist
Senior Trainer Official Brand. She works with several fashion agencies in Milan including Das, Urbans Models, the Tomorrow models and
Bookin Agency, collaborating with different fashion photographers including Guido Taroni, grandson of Giovanni Gastel, famous international
fashion photographer, and her name appears in many fashion magazines such as To make up, En Vie, Lavish mode, Love nails and
make up, etc. Apart of that she finds out an innate predisposition to teaching.
Currently she holds the role of senior make-up artist for Love Nails and Make up magazines. Moreover she teaches as Professor in many
northern and southern Italian Academies including Fashion Avenue Academy by Vittorio Masciarelli in Milan and Qstudio Make-up RP