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Advanced Make-up Course

The makeup advanced level is proposed to the makeup lovers,who already have attended the bases makeup course .The course gives  to the students all the skills and advanced techniques necessary to face to the profession  of make-up artist. At the end of the course, the students  have access to several  and exciting areas such as the ‘television credits, the photography, the fashion industry or advertising. The program of this course provides comprehensive training in the area of aesthetic and corrective makeup. It deals  the make-up at different ages, bridal makeup, fashion and photographic make-up and make-up for men.

4 DAYS DIVISIBLE IN 4 SEPARATE WORKSHOP (click the display to check all the programs)

    • Study of the various types of face to find the harmony with their correction.
    • Contouring with foundation, dust and highlighting. Demonstration of extreme contouring.
    • The makeup of eye: regular, too near, distant, bulging eyes, sunken, aged eyes, large and small.
    • Correction of the mouth according to the volumes and proportions of the face.
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(the student must have attended the Base and Advanced corrective workshop)

    • Basic rules: shooting in the studio and shooting in outdoor.
    • The ’20s MakeUp, its icon and its history. The modern interpretation (smokey eyes with dust, AQUACOLOR and pencils).
    • The ’50s MakeUp and its icons. Marylin MakeUp and the importance of the Eye – Liner.
    • History of the Eye liner from its origins through the ages to the present day.
    • The different types of eye liner on the market. Various brushes and their us.
    • Study of the morphology of the eye and corrective eye-liner: the right choice of the Eye Liner according to tre various corrections.
    • The fashion and graphics eye liner.

(the student must have attended the photo shooting make-up course)

    • Light make-up fashion: warm light and cool light.
    • The Natural Beauty of soap and water.
    • Creating a Soft Smokey eyes.
    • The Glossy look.
    • The lips in fashion.
    • Applying false eyelashes (simple and artistic).


Portfolio Detail

  •  Il corso è suddiviso in 4 giornate suddivise in 4 workshop separati.
    Gli allievi potranno lavorare a coppie su sé stessi o su modelle, a seconda del numero di corsiste che si desidera avere o si raggiunge per il corso .
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