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Basic Make-UP Course

This basic Make-up course is adressed to all those who are passionate with make up art and have no technical skill about it, but even to all those who have some bases but want to improve their skills and knowledge.  This  corrective makeup course prepares students to the professional MAkeup artist’s world, offering opportunities to approach and to work in several areas such as Tv or Photographic Sets, fashion parades or Cosmetic and Beauty advertising.

4 DAYS DIVISIBLE IN 4 SEPARATE WORKSHOP (click the display to check all the programs) 

Essential course to the attendance of any other course or workshop 
    • Skin Care, right choice of the facial cream, brushes hygiene
    • Color, skin type and skin’s undertone. The foundation’s choice
    • How to apply the various foundations
    • Color-wheel and complementary colors
    • Correction of facial discoloration
    • The Importance Of Eyebrows
    • Eye makeup: Light / Dark and Full Eyelid
    • The various types of eyes edging
    • How to apply the Mascara
    • Application of blush and bronzer
    • Correction and lip makeup
    • The powder and the fixing of the Make Up[/iconlist]
    • Difference between daylight and night’s light and explanation of its effects on the volumes of the face (base and Blush)
    • The most suitable colors for different hours of the day
    • Eye Makeup for the day: light / dark, soft smokey-eyes with powders and pencils
    • Eye Makeup for the night : light / dark extreme, smokey eyes, application of glitter and fake eyelashes
    • The lips makeup
    • Features of the Bridal Makeup
    • Make up for shooting: guideline
    • Classical Bride
    • Modern Bride
    • How to apply False Eyelashes
    • From the Bridal Makeup test until the Wedding Day.
    • The Importance of the Face Chart
    • How to choose the foundation for mature skin
    • Eye makeup and edging
    • Blush and enlightening anti age
    • The lips makeup
    • The importance of the eyebrows depilation
    • The eyebrows design, according to the shape of the face.
    • The eyebrows Restyling with powders and pencils.

  •    Il corso è suddiviso in 4 giornate suddivise in 4 workshop separati .
        Gli allievi potranno lavorare a coppie su sé stessi o su modelle, a seconda del numero di corsiste che si desidera avere o si raggiunge per il corso .
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